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Nikos Georgiou: MOCHI

15 September

MOCHI is a 25-minute autobiographical devised performance based on the excellent ability of making mistakes and repeating them successfully. Mixing queer aesthetics, Greek trash, BDSM practice and childhood trauma, the performance ponders on questions such as which mistakes we deal with, which mistakes we just let be, forgetting or renaming them. Mochi is a Japanese delicacy based on rice flour.
"To make a good mochi, you need to pound it well before it cools down."

Performers: Despina Sevasti, Angel Torticolis, Nikos Georgiou

Nikos Georgiou was born and raised in the west side of Athens watching digimon and camp Greek sitcom characters. In 2009, he graduated from the Athens art high school (theater pathway) and then studied acting at the Empros Theater drama school. From 2010 till now he has worked onstage and backstage in films and theaters in athens. In 2018, he curated alongside Foivos Dousos the event "Queer Ink presents: queer words" in the context of UNESCO’s ‘Athens 2018, World Book Capital’. He is also team member of the Athens performance art nights “Glam Slam”.

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