Ed Fornieles: 

VR and (post)human sexuality

19 September

Ed Fornieles presents a talk on the new possibilities that VR opens up in the domain of (post-)human sexuality. By reflecting on his recent work on VR porn, Fornieles opens up the discussion of the new visual cultures of the virtual era, their internal tensions and political problems, violence and pleasure, new possibilities and cruel limitations. A poetic manifesto on truth, pornography and a future that is not. 

Many thanks to Alex Demetriou.

Ed Fornieles is an artist whose works are responsive to the movement of information. Fornieles uses film, social media platforms, sculpture, installation and performance to express the interaction of family, relationships, popular memes, language and the subcultures of 21st century experience. His work operates within the logic of immersive simulations, which construct and enact alternative political and social spaces. His projects often involve cultural, social, and infrastructural production, making interventions that reconfigure the viewer’s position and sense of self.

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